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I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to all of our veterans and those who gave up their lives to keep our country safe. Since the summer is officially here, we are so excited to work on outdoor tent events, parties, and some pretty special weddings. As always, thank you so much for entrusting us with your business! We are always here as a resource for your next event.

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Guests notice a lot of things when they walk into a room: the way it feels, the way it sounds, and maybe even the way it smells. But what we think is equally important is the way that a room looks upon entry. This is the main reason why Majic is always thinking of ways to make our clients’ events beautiful in new and creative ways.

Stage designs are usually a huge aspect of a room’s aesthetic. This is why we are so excited to introduce our new modular set. In addition to being gorgeous, this set is professional and practical. The size and shape are fully customizable and the pieces within the set can easily be removed or swapped with different textures, panels, or video elements.

For example, if you’re interested in a rustic set design, we can add rustic panels within the wall. If you’d like a visible logo within the set, we can shine custom lighting or a Gobo (a custom lit image) onto the set so that the logo is illuminated. We can create panels that are made of metal, showcase floral, have geometric shapes, etc. The modular set has an incredibly clean and crisp look that automatically sets an event apart and makes it unique – especially when custom elements such as video or logos are added to it.

Another benefit of Majic’s modular set is that it can be easily and safely shipped to your event anywhere in the country which helps promote brand consistency at multiple events.

The possibilities with this set are endless and we can’t wait for you to see it in person! If you’d like to learn more about Majic’s modular set, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at (414) 839-1760.

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter


I’m requesting that the modular set gets a doggy door. Think of all the food I can
sneak from either side of the set… #heaven

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter