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March 2015 Majic Mail


The temperatures are finally above freezing (I am very hopeful that they will stay there) and it seems like everything and everyone is finally coming out of hibernation.  As much as I love winter storms, the Majic team is ready to take on the busy spring season!

In my mind, spring means auction season. We are honored to be a part of so many wonderful auctions this year and are always excited to see the hard work of committees, planners, and school staff members come into fruition with a successful event.

Thank you to all of the auction committees that entrust us with their events, we love working with you!

President & CEO
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 2.27.06 PM TENT season is almost here

During the warmer months, Majic spends a lot of time working in tents. The three most popular services we provide in tents are lighting, sound, and power distribution.

Lighting a tent is not only beautiful, but also functional. For a themed event, we can add lighting to match a color theme.  We can also add an assortment of various chandeliers, bistro lights, or pattern washes.

Lighting a tent is especially important when tents are pitched in remote areas that are dark. Guests need to be able to see where they’re going and how to safely maneuver around a tent or a series of obstacles.

With regards to sound, our sound technicians are experts in making sure everyone can clearly hear someone giving a speech, an artist performing, or even a DJ’s music. Crisp sound is a crucial factor that makes an outdoor area functional for an event.

Finally, it’s hard to have sound support, lighting, or even catering without proper power! Our technicians are skilled in power distribution and can safely distribute power for an entire event.

We would love to be a part of your tented event! If you’re planning an event and would like to know more about our services, please contact us at (414) 839-1760.

(Photos in the above collage were taken by Craig John Photography.)

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter

The humans bought a new fog machine that works so well that it makes me disappear.

My new master plan?

Step 1: steal someone’s lunch

Step 2: take lunch into foggy area

Step 3: chow down

Step 4: give puppy eyes

Step 5: when all else fails, blame Christian

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter