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March 2016 Majic Mail


Happy (official) spring! Majic had a wonderful first quarter and we are very excited for what the new season holds for our company. Springtime always means that auction season is in full swing and as a result, we are allowed to work with some truly wonderful and creative individuals planning impressive school auctions!

I hope all of you have a wonderful season and enjoy some rest during Spring Break.

President & CEO



As the weather in the Midwest improves, it seems like we are all finally coming out of hibernation! We are already planning production for some wonderful outdoor events in the upcoming months and wanted to share some of our outdoor event capabilities.

Majic produces a wide array of outdoor events including concerts, music series, weddings, tented parties, and outdoor festivals to name a few. We offer a multitude of services such as:

  • Power distribution
    – Sometimes power is one of the easiest things to overlook! If you’re hoping to have speakers, lights, or even ovens at your outdoor event, don’t forget to think about how much power will be necessary. We can handle all of your generator and power distribution needs.
  • Sound support
    – While the calming sound of chirping birds is great, sometimes the father of the bride, a musician, or a presenter needs sound support! We can provide all of your outdoor sound needs such as microphones, speakers, and cable distribution.
  • Tent lighting
    – Make sure to have plenty of lighting at your event once the sun goes down! We offer a variety of lighting packages that are both functional and pretty.
  • Outdoor video support
    – If you’re hoping to show a message while outdoors, we have many options for you – including an outdoor video wall – depending on the size and scale of your message.
  • Truss arch signage
    – Are you planning a walk or a run? Contact us for help with safely hanging your banners!


For more information on any of our services, please call one of our friendly salespeople today at (414) 839-1760.

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter


My backyard has thawed which means I can find the treats I buried last fall. It’s like the gift I keep giving myself. #doggenius

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter