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April 2015 Majic Mail


April is shaping up to be an incredibly fun month with tons of great events that Majic is excited to produce!

One of the things that I’m most proud of is our brand new, projection mapped set that was built in-house.  This set is amazing because it is fully customizable with content, colors, and effects. We’ve devoted the topic of this newsletter to projection mapping because it is such an impactful way to show a message and really grab an audience’s attention. This set is perfect for both corporate events and special events! The creativity here is endless.

To better understand how we map our set, please click the link in the projection mapping section of this newsletter and watch the video of an event we did a few weeks ago. Trust me, this is definitely one of those technologies where “seeing is believing”.

Please let me or anyone on our staff know if you have any questions about how projection mapping works.

President & CEO
Projection Mapped set PROJECTION MAPPING

A few weeks ago, we projection mapped a beautiful new set that we built in-house and are very excited to share.  Our custom designed, original set (pictured above) is comprised of 101 individual tiles that are held together with special brackets. The configuration of this set can be customized and changed based on a client’s space restrictions or desires. Here’s a video of our set in action.

Majic uses its own Coolux Pandora’s Box system to individually outline each of the tiles so that the graphics on the tiles can either work as a group or individually. By mapping each of the tiles individually, we are able to fully control the set and create as many effects as a client would like.

All of these tiles can change to a different color, a graphic, or a special effect. These effects can make it appear as though the tiles are shaking, moving, growing, shrinking, swinging, etc.

From our experience, the best way to use this set is for the graphics to interact with the tiles. For example, if a client would like to show an “explosion” of ideas coming out of a company’s logo, each of the words could land in its own tile.

The possibilities with this technology are literally endless and the best part is that imagination is key!  If  you’d like to learn more about projection mapping, or if you’d like to sit down with us and start the creative process, please contact us today for more information.

The above photo and video is courtesy of Front Room Photography.

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter

Projection mapping is cool and all but when will the humans learn that all they need to do in order to impress a crowd is to projection map an image of my face at each of Majic’s events for the world to see how handsome I am?
I’m literally a genius.
That, my friends, is why I deserve a belly rub and some salmon treats.

Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter
Majic Newsletter